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Forms specialized to help you grow your B2B pipeline

Product demos

Secure more product demo meetings effortlessly and close deals faster.

New appointment bookings

content downloads

Increase content downloads and expand your marketing effectiveness.

Download gated content

Webinar viewers

Attract more webinar viewers and engage your audience effectively.

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Qualified prospects

Build your qualified prospects pipeline with our streamlined solution.

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Newsletter followers

Increase your newsletter followers and expand your audience reach.

Subscriber growth

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Drive more product trial signups and boost user engagement.

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Converting more visitors into qualified prospects

Fellese Co, Kayzen

“I had the pleasure of collaborating with Foldfocus and was impressed by their proficiency in strategizing, designing, and developing our landing page. Lead Booster Pro integrated into our site, seamlessly connects with our systems and maintains our brand’s aesthetic. Thanks to their efficient collaboration, we’re seeing a streamlined user experience and reduced team workload in qualifying visitors.”

Fellese Co, Marketing Lead

Grow your pipeline through our lead form builder

Delightful experience

Experience our delightful form interface, crafted to increase user engagement and make form-filling feel effortless. Striking visuals catch their eye, enhancing the overall user experience.

Multi-step lead form

Conditional flows

Utilize our conditional flows to increase conversion rates by dynamically hiding or showing form steps and input fields. Craft personalized form experiences tailored to each user’s needs, optimizing engagement and results.

Lead Booster Pro conditional steps


Explore our refined form templates, meticulously crafted through our experience with numerous B2B companies. We aim to maximize your conversion rate. Save time creating new forms with our ready-to-use templates, empowering your lead generation efforts.

Form templates

Page speed

Experience our lightning-fast page speed, ensuring quick loading times for optimal user experience and conversion rates. We employ cutting-edge techniques to guarantee seamless browsing and engagement of your lead forms.

On completion

Tailor your form completions with custom options to create a personalized user flow. Choose from success screens, redirects, or prefilled booking forms to ensure an optimal experience and higher conversion rates.

Create exceptional lead forms fast and easily

Fast editing

Utilize our lead form editor, which offers lightning-fast editing with our intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Make easy changes on the fly, ensuring your forms are always optimized for maximum results.

Drag-and-drop editor


Personalize your forms with our customizable branding options, ensuring they stay on-brand. Easily change colors and fonts to make them your own, maintaining consistency across your platform.

Lead Booster Pro branding

Responsive forms

Experience our responsive forms, designed to look great on all mobile devices with optimized loading times. Ensure a higher conversion rate in a mobile-first world with our user-friendly solution.

Responsive form on smartphone

Unique fields

Explore our unique form fields designed to maximize conversion rates. From customizable options lists to intuitive card checkboxes and interactive range sliders, our solutions enhance user engagement and drive results.

Input validation

Benefit from our input validation feature, ensuring correct form inputs and clean data entries. Validate user input effortlessly, guaranteeing accurate information for improved decision-making.

Send new prospects to your favorite tools

Native HubSpot integration

Utilize our native HubSpot integration for seamless lead syncing, enhancing sales efficiencies. Ensure a seamless connection between your forms and HubSpot, streamlining your lead management process.

HubSpot native integration

Connect +3,000 tools

Empower your workflow by connecting over 3,000 tools seamlessly through our Zapier integration. Effortlessly link all your favorite tools to build customized workflows tailored to your needs.


Easy embed

Easily embed Lead Booster Pro into your website with just 11 lines of code, allowing you to deploy it wherever desired. Seamlessly integrate your lead forms into your preferred web pages to maximize their effectiveness and reach.

Embed code snippet


Employ our webhooks to link Lead Booster Pro seamlessly to your preferred tools and software. Unleash your creativity and explore endless possibilities with our customizable integration options.

Servers in the EU

Benefit from our servers located in the EU, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your data is stored securely within the European Union.


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