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Our form builder software empowers marketing teams to create customized, interactive forms quickly and efficiently, enhancing lead generation and user engagement.

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Personalized flows

Our form builder allows you to create personalized form flows by dynamically hiding and showing steps and elements, adapting forms instantly to enhance user experience.

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Custom endings

Show custom endings based on user inputs, like a Calendly booking form for qualified leads, to maximize revenue.

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Multiple steps

Break your form into multiple steps to make it easy to complete, increasing conversion rates.

Multi-step lead form

Dynamic submit

Send form data whenever you want, ensuring you collect all the data you need, even across multiple steps.

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Design exceptional forms in record time

No-code editor

Build outstanding forms using our drag-and-drop editor, making changes quickly and visually without needing a developer.

Drag-and-drop editor

Smart questions

Use various question types, such as sliders, cards, and list options, to provide a premium user experience.

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Design on brand

Tailor forms to match your brand and website, integrating your identity seamlessly in just a few steps.

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Ensure high conversion rates on mobile devices with our natively optimized forms designed for smartphones.

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Professional form building for ambitious marketers

Instant publishing

Instantly publish forms with the click of a button, and see all updates go live immediately.

Save forms instantly

Upload media

Upload images to your forms, which are converted to the latest web formats and optimized for fast loading.

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Blazingly fast

Experience minimal loading times through our comprehensive form optimizations at the server, web-client, and beyond.

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Every aspect of our form builder aims to maximize conversion rates and generate more leads.

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Create modern, outstanding forms with fantastic UX to convert more leads.

Discover powerful analytics features to help you analyze and optimize your forms effectively.

Enhance your workflow by connecting forms seamlessly with your favorite tools.

Ensure your data and privacy are safe with our advanced form security features.


Working with the Lead Booster Pro Form Builder is a straightforward and intuitive process designed to empower B2B marketers to create high-converting forms without needing any coding skills. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

Access the form builder by logging into your Lead Booster Pro account and navigating to the Form Builder section from the dashboard. Create a new form by clicking the “Create New Form” button. Depending on your needs, you can choose a template or start from scratch.

Our form builder offers a wide range of over 20 questions and form elements, including text fields, dropdowns, radio buttons, checkboxes, date pickers, file uploads, and more. This variety empowers you to choose the elements that best suit your requirements, creating a comprehensive and engaging form.

Adding questions to your form is as simple as dragging and dropping your chosen elements from the sidebar into the form canvas. This process gives you full control over the layout, allowing you to position your elements exactly where you want them, creating a seamless user experience.

Using our multi-step functionality, you can break down long forms into manageable steps to enhance the user experience. Group related questions together in different steps to reduce user friction and increase completion rates. Drag and drop questions into different steps to organize your form flow.

Each element and step can be customized individually. Click on any question or form element to access its configuration options. Customize label text, placeholder text, validation rules, and other settings to tailor the form to your needs. Configure each step individually by adding titles and descriptions to guide users.

The live preview feature inside the form builder lets you see real-time changes as you build and configure your form. This instant feedback ensures you can adjust and perfect your form design on the fly.

Once you’ve built and customized your form, testing it across different devices and screen sizes is crucial. Generate a sharable link directly from the form builder interface. Please share this link with colleagues or test it to ensure the form functions correctly on various devices, such as desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Finally, review your form in the live preview mode to ensure everything looks perfect. Once satisfied, click the “Publish” button to make your form live. You can embed the form on your website or share it directly via the generated link. Use the analytics dashboard to track form performance, gather insights, and make data-driven adjustments to improve form completion rates continuously.

Following these steps, you can effectively use the Lead Booster Pro Form Builder to create engaging, high-converting forms tailored to your lead generation needs. The no-code, drag-and-drop interface combined with powerful customization and testing features ensures you have complete control over your form creation process without any technical expertise.

Start by accessing the Lead Booster Pro form builder and creating your form. Once you have the basic structure, you can add personalization to improve the user experience.

Select the element you want to personalize, click on it, and go to the “Logic” tab within the element’s configuration options. Here, you can define the conditions for displaying the selected element to create dynamic, personalized form flows.

In Lead Booster Pro, you can customize entire steps and individual questions. This customization lets you control how users navigate the form based on their inputs. For example, you can set conditions to skip entire steps if the user’s responses meet specific criteria, simplifying the user journey and improving completion rates.

To define conditions, use the Logic tab to specify the criteria to be met for the element or step to be displayed. For instance, you might show a question only if the user has provided a specific answer to a previous question. This conditional logic can be based on various factors, such as the user’s selections, input values, or prior interactions within the form.

By using conditional logic, you can create a more engaging and relevant experience for your users. For example, if a user indicates interest in a particular product or service, you can automatically show them additional questions or steps related to that interest. Conversely, if the user’s answers indicate that certain sections of the form are not applicable to them, those sections can be skipped entirely, respecting their time and making the form-filling process quicker and more efficient.

Personalizing form flows also allows you to gather more precise data, as users are more likely to complete relevant forms. This targeted approach not only enhances the user experience but also significantly improves the quality of the data you collect. It provides deeper insights into your audience’s preferences and behaviors, giving you a solid foundation for your decision-making.

To get started, access the Lead Booster Pro form builder and create multiple steps, each representing a different form ending. These steps will be the final stages of your form, customized for different responses or user journeys.

Once you have set up your form structure, including the steps that will serve as custom endings, you need to define the logic for each step. This means setting conditions determining which custom ending a user will see based on their responses throughout the form.

Select the step you want to customize as a form end, click on the step within the form builder, and open its configuration options. Then, navigate to the “Logic” tab, where you will define the conditions for displaying this particular form ending step.

In the “Logic” tab, you can specify the criteria that must be met for the step to be shown. For example, you might set conditions based on the user’s answers to previous questions, selections, or other interactions within the form. This allows you to create highly targeted and relevant custom endings that align with the user’s journey and responses.

Repeat this process for all other custom ending steps. For each step, select it, open the “Logic” tab, and define the specific conditions under which that ending should be displayed. This could involve different criteria for different user segments or responses, ensuring that each user sees the most relevant conclusion to their experience.

By effectively using the logic settings, you can create a variety of custom endings that cater to diverse user paths. For instance, if a user indicates high interest in a particular product or service, you can direct them to an ending that provides more detailed information, next steps, or a special offer. Alternatively, suppose users’ responses suggest they need more time to be ready to engage further. In that case, you might show a softer call-to-action or provide additional resources for them to explore at their own pace.

Lead Booster Pro offers various form elements to create engaging, interactive, high-converting forms. Our form builder supports over +20 different form elements, allowing you to design forms that meet your needs. Here are some of the most commonly used form elements available in Lead Booster Pro:

1. Text: Allows users to enter short responses, making it ideal for collecting names, addresses, or any other single-line information.

2. Textarea: Suitable for more extended responses, perfect for collecting detailed feedback, comments, or descriptions.

3. Number: Enables users to enter numerical values that are valid for collecting data like quantities, ages, or other numeric information.

4. Range: Allows users to select a value within a predefined range, useful for rating scales, price ranges, or any other data that benefits from a slider interface.

5. Email: Specifically designed for collecting email addresses, ensuring that the data entered is in the correct email format.

6. URL: Used for collecting web addresses, ensuring that the input follows the proper URL format.

7. Date: Provides an easy way for users to pick a date from a calendar interface, useful for scheduling, birthdates, or any other date-specific data.

8. Cards: Offers a visually appealing way for users to make multiple selections using selectable checkbox cards with icons.

9. Options: Allows users to choose multiple options from a list using selectable checkbox options with icons for visual clarity.

10. Select: Lets users choose one option from a dropdown list, useful for selecting from a large set of predefined options.

11. Headline: Allows you to add headings to your form, helping organize the form and make it more readable.

12. Paragraph: Used to add descriptive text or instructions within the form, providing context or additional information to the users.

13. Image: Lets you insert images into your form, useful for branding, illustrations, or any visual aid that complements the form content.

14. Spacer: Used to create space between form elements, improving the overall layout and readability of the form.

15. Divider: Adds a horizontal line between sections or elements in the form, visually separating different parts of the form.

16. Success: An animated success icon is displayed upon successful form submission, providing visual confirmation to users that their input has been received.

17. Calendly: An embeddable Calendly booking tool that allows users to schedule appointments directly within the form, ideal for setting up meetings or consultations without leaving the form.

And more. Lead Booster Pro continues to expand its library of form elements to provide you with the most versatile and user-friendly form-building experience. Each component is designed to enhance user interaction, making it easier to collect the data you need while providing a seamless experience for your users.

Lead Booster Pro comes with built-in mobile optimization. All steps, form elements, and form questions are automatically optimized for mobile devices. Our form builder uses responsive web design principles to ensure your forms adapt to different screen sizes and orientations. This guarantees that your forms will look great and function properly, whether viewed on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Lead Booster Pro enhances the mobile experience using native mobile input fields. These fields are designed to seamlessly integrate with mobile devices, offering users input types optimized for touch interfaces. For instance, when a user needs to enter a date, the date picker will appear in a mobile-friendly format. Similarly, input fields for email and phone numbers will trigger the appropriate keyboards, making data entry faster and more intuitive.

Lead Booster Pro offers flexibility with its mobile customization feature. You can adjust sizing and spacing specifically for mobile devices, allowing you to fine-tune your forms to match your vision. This means you can ensure that text, buttons, and other elements are appropriately sized and spaced for smaller screens, enhancing readability and usability.

You can then make adjustments as needed, such as increasing the size of touch targets (like buttons and input fields) to make them easier to tap or adjusting the spacing between elements to prevent them from appearing too crowded.

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